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Get to know our handmade, all natural body butters with addicting aromas, hair strengthening Kreme that tames beautiful wild curls, & Self-Love Therapy Candles!


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Our Luxe lathers are uniquely crafted from Shea, Mango, Kokum, & Jojoba butters. Each are high in antioxidants that seal in moisture revealing healthy, glowing skin! Explore below to learn more about the wonder powers found in our butters!

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Hey, Sis! Lets talk about...

...your beautiful skin, hair, & the planet.

Did you know the chemical preservative paraben that is used in the big business of cosmetic making, is linked to cause breast & skin cancer? Or that, the sulfates found in hair care products actually dries, and shortens the healthy life of the hair?  How about, are you aware that these sulfates contribute to acid rain & fog that damage ecosystems when released in the environment?


 #SZ SC&BT is a black owned sustainable beauty brand that is dedicated to the healing powers of natural self-care, by uniquely indulging & embracing Earths’ elements & crafting them into sustainable, luxury, self-care products. To do so, we create handmade body butters, scrubs, hair care items, & self-care candles, with intricate care, in the selection of ingredients sourced, & used. Our products tell a story of clean, natural, handmade, agents that help keep skin & hair moisturized without the use of harsh chemicals & unneeded toxins. In addition, our Self-Care Therapy Candles assist in meditation, relaxation, & ZEN peace. At #SZ we strive to ensure an easy & ZEN transition from chemically induced products to clean, life changing, natural ones! Therefore, all #SZ products are tools that aid in taking care of self & transformation of the mind, body, & spirit, while tending to Mother Earth.

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