SincerelyZen is an Emotional Beauty & Complete Lifestyle Wellness Company. We offer naturally clean beauty products that promote sustainability between Earth & humans. Free of toxins, these products produce healthier skin care regimens, while creatively preserving natural resources. To maintain mental & spiritual wellness, SZ also produces self-care therapy tools, such as Chakra ZENergy & massage candles, meditation journals, & other aids geared towards empowerment through wellness. 


To use Earths' gifts of natural purity, & balance, to create a lifestyle wellness company that represents environmental awareness through the elimination of toxins in beauty products. SZ also inspires & encourages individuals to achieve optimal self- empowerment through offering self-care products & aids, geared towards achieving mental health stability, & complete wholeness. 

Maven Maker (Founder)

A. Cole holds an M.S. in Forensic Psychology and currently pursuing a second M.S in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Walden University. During her undergraduate years at the University of Central Mo, she trained in sustainability within the fashion and beauty industry. She researched the negative effects caused to ecosystems from harsh chemicals commonly found in beauty and self-care products. Then, experimented and created natural, clean, alternative solutions for beauty products that do not cause harm to the environment. Her notion of mental health stability and sustainable beauty, merger to create her vision of a complete wellness company that empowers the mind, body, soul, and the planet. 

Key Non-Management Personnel- Zen Ashton-Carter Cole is the only son of A. Cole and the motivation for it all! At age eight he acts as an inspiration in the creation of new ideas, and aids in the production of products. He shares equal rights, and ownership to SZ, as well as implementation of company direction and conduct upon legal age of 18.