Self-improvement Through Journaling: Benefits, Resources, & Templates

Updated: May 3


Gratitude Journaling

Gratitude journaling helps to increase positivity. Focusing on good aspects of life and within yourself naturally breeds positivity. This type of journaling involves jotting down things that you are grateful for that day. The length and details may vary each day. Come back and re-read the inspirational text when you need an extra kick of self-love.

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Meditation Journaling

Meditation journaling: According to Alexandra V., an expert in physiotherapy, “meditation is a practice that we can use in order to lower stress levels and achieve inner peace”. She believes meditation teachings center around concentration “on the present moment, to be more focused and to pay attention to the sensations occurring in our body”. Keeping a meditation journal aids in breakings old habits creating room for healthier ones through insight. When you record meditation sessions it allows for later viewing of change and growth over time.

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