• For those with beautiful kinks & curls who crave moisture, manageability, & growth!

                                                                           Looking For:


                                               Improved hair & manageability?

                                         Nourished hair plus a moisturized scalp?

                                                 Improved hair growth & health?

                                      NICE TO MEET YOU, I'M KALEIGHA'S KREME, 

                                                    K. KREME FOR SHORT!



                                                                         Designed To:


    •   Moisturize hair & prepare strands for taming.
    •   Seal in moisture & provides a super SLEEK HOLD with medium stiffness, unlike     hardening water base gels, that activate's curl pattern, causing the “wave effect."
    • Easily maintain the moisture in your curls w/o being too greasy.
    • Combats dirt & bacteria on the scalp, unclogging hair follicles.
    • With regular use, K. Kreme promotes stronger roots.
    • Helps increase the strength of hair equaling growth!

                  K.Kreme is oil based & will not undo your smooth do when applied! 


    Kaleigha's Kreme


      Works in conjunction w/beeswax, to provide a sleek hold when molding, without the hardness of gels (shape & tame). Can be used daily, weekly, or as a deep conditioner.

      Ideal For:

      Twist styles

      Scalp healer/rejuvenator

      Frizzy kinks

      Molding Hair 


      Split ends/damaged hair repair!

                                   How To Use As A Conditioner:

      Start with a dime size for shorter kinks/curls, OR a quarter size for medium to long kinks/curls/locks. Rub in palm of hands & glide through hair, for a daily refresher or moisturizer. Add more sized drops until desired amount reached, a  LITTLE goes a LONG way.

                                        To Use As A Twist Agent:

      Separate hair in sections as if preparing 2 twist. Glide index & middle fingers across K Kreme & massage into coils while you twist.

    • Every butter is made to order to ensure freshness, but we strive to make, and ship, all orders within 1-3 business days. Delays may arise when vendors are out-of-stock, or shipping is behind due to COVID-19. Should this occur, we will be in regular email contact with the customer keeping updates and progress readily avaliable.